Q: Is it possible to withdraw money from an ATM in the convention’s walls? 
    A: The venue, La Grande Halle de la Villette does not have an ATM inside. We urge you to withdraw money before entering the convention.


    Q: Can you eat inside the venue of the convention? 
    A: Inside the convention, several places will offer catering options. But you can also pack your own food in advance!


    Q: Can I bring a camera? 
    A: You can of course bring a camera, but please keep in mind that the recording of contents exclusive to the event is prohibited. Non-compliers with these instructions may be prosecuted by the rights holders.


    Q: Can I stay seated in the conference halls and watch all the panels one after the other?  
    A: To allow all the visitors a chance to watch the panels, we will empty the rooms regularly. Please note that the queue for the panels begins at the beginning of the preceding panel.


    Q: Are there some forbidden objects at the Grande Halle venue? 
    A: It is strictly forbidden to bring wine, spirits and other alcoholic beverages inside the venue, but also any bottle or other receptacle made out of glass into the convention. These lasts items must be left at the entrance booth, where they will be destructed. Moreover, please be aware that for the security and well-being of everybody, animals are strictly forbidden inside. Shall any person choose not to abide to the rules, they will be forbidden to enter the premises of PLAY Paris Powered by PAX. Please remember than non-compliance with these instructions may result in your expulsion from the convention.


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