Neko Light Orchestra


Neko Light Orchestra : ‘Electric Waves’

Created in 2011, the Neko Light Orchestra quickly became THE reference cover-band as far as geeky sub-cultures like video games & anime are concerned. After developing several concept albums, and playing concerts inspired by music from Pop Culture cult-classics like the Miyazaki movies, Dr. Who, Star Wars, or The Lord of the Rings, this ‘Electric Waves’ formation founded in 2015 by the metal singer Saturne.

‘Electric Waves’now offers a patchwork of re-imagined music from mainstream video games (Portal, Street Fighter II, Sonic, Metal Gear…), eSport darlings (with many famous tunes from League of Legends...) and powerful rock anime openings (Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, Saint Seiya…) combining all of it into a show as powerful visually as it is musically.

Concert on Saturday April 21, starting at 6.30PM on the Charlie Parker Main Stage.

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