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    COIN-OP LEGACY is an association from the Parisian region, whose goal is to preserve and promote the cultural, artistic and technical heritage represented by the coin-operated amusement machines, and by arcade cabinets in particular.
 These objectives will be accomplished by various methods, including:

    - The acquisition, then aesthetic & technical restoration of these machines, sometimes impossible to find in France.

    - The creation of events (to inform & entertain), of a web platform, the participation to trade shows, etc. Our association is the owner of a full Arcade Center with hundreds of original cabinets.

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    Our selection of dedicated arcade cabinets will show you the level of gameplay depth of these classics of the Golden Age of the Arcade, with Stick controlled games, but also Twin Stick, Trackball and even Wheel controlled games.

    Just like Twin Galaxies in the US or GAMEST in Japan, in France the arcade medium has always been seen as a way to transcend your limitations in a fight between man & machine. We’re offering you the possibility to beat the high-scores all week-end on some of the dedicated arcade cabinets of this Golden Era.

    Meanwhile, you will also be able to play some “Arcade Exclusive” titles. These titles that were imagined for the Game Centers and didn’t get ported to consoles. The original games in PCB format will run on Japanese Candy cabs.

    Our selection of dedicated arcade cabinets:

    Xevious (Shooting Game – 1982 – Namco/Atari)

    Donkey Kong 3 (Action Game – 1983 – Nintendo)

    Marble Madness (Action Game – 1984 – Atari)

    Championship Sprint (Racing Game – 1986 – Atari)
Gauntlet 2 (Action Game – 1986 – Atari)

    Assault (Action Game – 1988 – Namco)

    Our selection of exclusive arcade titles:

    Mushihime Tama (Puzzle Game – 2006 – Cave)

    Surprise Attack (Action Game – 1990 – Konami)

    Dragoon Might (Fighting Game – 1995 – Konami)
Dimahoo (Shooting Game – 2000 – 8ing/Raizing)
Second Earth Gratia (Shooting Game – 1996 – Jaleco)

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    Twitter : @CoinOpLegacy

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