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    Organizer of the largest European arcade-centric meetup, and of the Hado tournament, HFS Play will be present at PLAY Paris Powered by PAX with a booth reflecting the state of mind of the association, that is to say the preservation of computer & video game history and the will to share our passion of the medium with the general public

    With more than 30 Japanese setups in a near-new state, about 15 large Sony PVM monitors paired with legendary consoles of the history of videogames. Add to that a few rare dedicated arcade cabinets, and it’s an armada of beautiful pixels we’re bringing with us.

    Whether you’re a beginner or an arcade veteran, a fan of Fighting Games, Shoot ‘Em Ups or Puzzle Games, all the genres will be represented to discuss, to share and to open yourselves to the joy of our favorite pastime: social gaming!

    List of the games available at the booth:

    F-Zero AX (Racing Game – 2003 – Sega)
    Hokuto no Ken (Fighting Game – 2005 – Sega)
    Street Fighter Zero 3 (Fighting Game – 1998 – Capcom)
    Vampire Savior: The Lord of Vampire (Fighting Game – 1997 – Capcom)
    Garou: Mark of the Wolves (Fighting Game – 1999 – SNK)
    Real Bout Fatal Fury 2: The Newcomers (Fighting Game – 1998 – SNK)
    Windjammers (Sport Game – 1994 – Data East)
    Outtriger (Shooting Game – 1999 – Sega)
    NBA Hangtime (Sport Game – 1996 – Midway)
    Strikers 1945 (Shooting Game – 1995 – Psikyo)
    Demon Front (Shooting Game – 2002 – International Games System)
    Giga Wing 2 (Shooting Game – 2000 – Capcom)
    Neo Turf Masters (Sport Game – 1996 – SNK)
    Puzzle Bobble (Puzzle Game – 1994 – Taito)
    Time Crisis 4 (Shooting Game – 2006 – Namco)
    and more…

    Check HFS Play for your favorite LAN games!

    Forum : forum.hfsplay.fr

    Website: hfsplay.fr

    Facebook : HFS Play

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