Name Ares

The 30 years of Street Fighter

Time: 4.30PM – 6.00PM

Moderator: Neithan | Journalist at Bas Gros Poing & GameKult


TMDJC | Podcaster, Journalist & Videogame Panelist

Benjamin Peray | Pix’n Love Editions

Oscar Lemaire | Journalist at Le Monde, The Game, Gamekult


Street Fighter, the benchmark of the genre since its second episode in 1991, is celebrating its 30 years! For the occasion we will look at the big picture when talking about the series, by analyzing the particularities of each of its sub-series and have a both loving & critical look at a saga like no other.

YouTubers, from Dream to Reality?

Time: 6.30PM – 8.00PM

Moderator: TMDJC | Podcaster, Journalist & Videogame Panelist


Florent Gorges | Omaké Books Editions

Benzaie | YouTuber

Mr. Quaraté | Caster at Webedia, Esport Commentator

Julien Chièze | YouTuber & Videogame Analyst

Carole Quintaine | JVTV Caster, Writer at Jeux Vidéo Magazine


YouTube is a dream come true. A cool way to earn a living, to become a social success and to stand with the greats. But between fantasy and reality, where does the truth lie? What’s the average wage of a YouTuber? How many hours a week must you work to get a decent living?

The Werewolves of Millers Hollow

Time: 8.30PM – 11.00PM

Moderator: Surprise!


The "role" boardgame arrives in force at the festival with a "Live" version were our guests will try their hand at the ultimate art of deception. Laughter garanteed.

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