Name Ares

Boardgames & Crowdfunding, the French model

Time: 10.30AM – 12.00PM

Moderator: Farid Ben Salem | Game Design Teacher at Sciences Po, Game Designer


Léonidas | Figurehead at Mythic Games (Conan, Time Of Lefends: Joan of Arc)

Jamie Johnson | Founder of Holy Grail Games

Jean Ivanoff | Success Manager at Ulule

Ludovic Roudy | Founder of Serious Poulp, Creator of The 7th Continent

Nelyhann | Co-author of the Shadows of Esteren, Coordinator at Studio Agate, Role Playing Game Publisher


Project leaders discuss their success. From Joan of Arc to 7th Sea and The 7th Continent, French studios are on the forefront of the crowdfunding platforms. Discover the stakes of these models that make impossible projects possible.

Space Invaders and the Origins of Arcade Gaming in Japan

Time: 12.30PM – 2.00PM

Moderator: Florent Gorges | Writer (The History Of Nintendo), Biographer (Y.Amano, T.Nishikado) and Manager of Omaké Books editions.


During this panel based on his eponymous book: "Space Invaders, le roi de l’arcade au Japon", Florent Gorges will tell you the incredible story of the shoot’em up that revolutionized the world of videogames when it was still in its infancy, but also gave birth to this industry in Japan.

The 30 years of the PC Engine

Time: 2.30PM – 4.00PM

Moderator: TMDJC | Podcaster, Journalist & Videogame Panelist


Benjamin Peray | Pix’n Love Editions

Florent Gorges | Omaké Books Editions

Douglas Alves | Videogame history teacher at Isart Digital

Gregoire Hellot | Gamekult, former Joypad writer


Sometime success is fleeting. The PC Engine has, for multiple reasons, missed the mark on the French market. But this console remains a favorite of many gaming-connoisseurs. What is it about this small machine that’s so special that it can still capture the heart of the players 30 years later? Let’s use this birthday to pay homage to this console, remember its games & what made it all so great.

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